Artisys Corporation is an Information Technology Consulting company that has been serving the IT needs of its customers for over 30 years. A $12 million company with over 100 employees and consultants, Artisys is headquartered in Washington, DC, but has a presence in the neighboring states of Maryland and Virginia. Artisys maintains a capacity to provide its Information Technology Consulting services throughout the United States, Canada, Brazil, Mexico and other countries. Artisys provides its services through contracted “Projects”, where Artisys takes on the entire responsibility of a project, from beginning to end; or through Staff Augmentation supporting our Customer’s Management team.

Artisys performs IT work for large Corporations and Government entities. Artisys has provided services to these entities in the Continental United States as well as abroad, specifically Europe, Russia, Ukraine. Contracts that Artisys have worked abroad have been through the US Dept of Defense (DoD), namely the US Department of State and the US Air Force). Artisys has also served other State, Federal and DoD agencies here in the USA as well, namely Defense Special Weapons Agency, Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), US Customs, State of Maryland’s Dept of Human Services, Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, Maryland Department of Health, Washington DC Government, etc. All work was Information Technology related.

Artisys has served a number of Fortune rated companies, Prime Government Contractors, and large Non-Profit/Union organizations, namely, Coca-Cola Corporation, Deloitte, Kraft General Foods, Philip Morris Corporation (Marshalls), Proctor and Gamble, Travelers Insurance, Lockheed Martin, Computer Science Corporation, Northrup Grumman, Marriott, Virtusa, J.P. Morgan, American Express, Amtrak, The American Federation of Teachers and a whole host of other stellar entities.

Artisys’ founder and owner, has an IT background, is a former US Marine and former Oracle Corporation, Staff Consultant employee. Additionally the founder has worked as an IT Consultant, for American Systems Corporation, and Computer Science Corporation and a number of Department of Defense Agencies.

Message from our CEO

The test of success for any organization is how well it establishes and maintains a competitive advantage in the marketplace while continuously improving its services and products. Our success is directly attributable to the positive results and quality services we have delivered to our customers. We help create a competitive edge for our customers by obtaining and utilizing the best available technology in the accomplishment of all tasks. We develop cost effective solutions which provide the maximum return-on-investment for our customers. We fully recognize that it is the success of our customers that provides the catalyst and powers our own success.

  • Veteran-owned business with 30 years of IT and staffing experience.
  • Incumbent project experience in providing IT innovation, supported by the capability to obtain resources quickly and efficiently.
  • Trusted advisor to ensure collaborative success and mission fulfillment.