Artisys is dedicated to providing superior information technology consulting services, and we have successfully assisted a number of organizations in achieving their goals. Each project experience has been an opportunity to demonstrate our abilities and to satisfy our client. Click on a link to learn more about our project experience with that particular customer.

In support of NAVAIR TSD and the National Defense Academy (NDA) of the Republic of Ukraine, Artisys provided acquisition support and a host of IT services necessary for the establishment of two fully functioning Training Centers in Kiev, Ukraine. Artisys designed 56 classrooms and architected the Network and IT computing infrastructure to convert 2 World War I era buildings to state of the art training facilities. In addition to designing the architecture of the center, Artisys identified all equipment necessary to complete the center to support 150 simultaneous users. Artisys interfaced with over 35 IT Software and Hardware vendors (e.g., Microsoft, Dell Computers, Cisco, HP, Robotel, etc.) to select over 600 pieces of equipment ensuring that all equipment would function harmoniously, prior to purchasing.

Project 1. Global Net-Centric Solutions Support Services

Artisys supports Global Net-Centric Solutions and the Defense Information System Network. Artisys provides consulting assistance on CA’s system products for CA’s client, Defense Information Systems Agency, Systems Support Office (DISA SSO) in Mechanicsburg and Defense Enterprise Computing Center (DECC) also located in Mechanicsburg. Artisys responsibilities include resolving problems in the mainframe environment relating to the CA-Datacom suite of products. Artisys also performs product installations and upgrades in the mainframe environment.

Project 2. Computing Services Resource Management (RM)

Artisys provided consulting assistance on Unicenter NeuMICS Resource Management for DISA’s, Computing Services Resource Management (RM) Division.

Specific task requirements included:

  • Resolving problems in the DISA Problem Management System (PMS)
  • Conducting studies of the DISA Computing Services NeuMICS chargeback process
  • Performing maintenance of the DISA NeuMICS Test Complex
  • Optimizing the NeuMICS Complexes after completion of migrations and consolidations
  • Assisting with conversion of NeuMICS to another product, as necessary

Project 1. Cray Systems Administration

DTRA via a contract to Artisys supported nuclear physicists, at different locations, while performing their studies through simulations on the high performance computers. Through its contract, Artisys provided on-site system management, administration, and technical support to DTRA’s Scientific Computing Group. Artisys served as the primary point of contact for administering the system, providing analysis support to users, and writing interface routines and/or programs in support of systems operations, accounting, and access control. Artisys provided functional expertise in the areas of software support, network and hardware support, technical support, LAN/WAN/MAN, network management, system management, IT maintenance, IT operation and maintenance planning, and IT logistics support. For all of these information systems areas, Artisys provided system security as well.

Project 2. Automated Inventory Control Management System (AICMS), Oracle Software Certification Support

Artisys was contracted to obtain and coordinate the services of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), Oracle Corporation, for the certification of the Oracle RDBMS. The Automated Inventory Control and Management System (AICMS) ran on top of the Oracle RDBMS, Which was used by the Russian Ministry of Defense (RF MoD). The Automated Inventory Control and Management System (AICMS) project provides the RF MoD with a more reliable inventory control and management system with near-real-time access of data, in order to enhance security, safety, and control of nuclear weapons armament.

Project 1. Web Application Design and Development

Artisys provided on site software development, test, and maintenance support services to the Air Force. Development included, but was not limited to: requirements analysis, systems analysis, system application and architecture design, database design, implementation, and maintenance, software engineering to include application code development, Defense Information Infrastructure/Common Operating Environment (DII/COE) compliance, MSG data depot compliance, Security Certification and Accreditation (C&A), training of end users via train the trainer classes, working with the customer in future planning for information systems, deployment, transition activities to the sustainment team and documentation. Artisys provided integration with other Depot Maintenance Systems (e.g., Depot Maintenance Accounting and Production System (DMAPS)), per the functional requirements. Artisys also supported evolving requirements due to technological upgrades that occurred throughout the life of the task order. These upgrades included, but were not limited to, hardware upgrades, operating systems upgrades, Cross Cutter requirements, and development tool versions.

Project 2. Software Development for the Air Force’s Aircraft Repair and Enhancement Program (AREP) and Depot Maintenance

Artisys provided technical supports that included requirements analysis and system design, web application design and development, web application testing, software test engineers to aid in the development of system test documents, developed, maintained, and ran test cases during the life cycle of the product. The tools and languages we used in this project included EA Studio, EA Server, PowerBuilder, Java, JavaScript and Java Server Pages, SQL, HTML and Oracle.

Directorate of Information Management (DOIM)

Artisys provided consulting assistance on Computer Associates (CA) system products for CA’s client, United States Army Garrison, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Directorate of Information Management (USAGAPG DOIM). Specific task requirements included resolving problems in the mainframe environment, performing product upgrades in the mainframe environment and transition of databases to the SQL environment.

Financial Management Service (FMS) Net Work Support Services Solutions

Artisys supported the operation and management of the network management features of all RISC platforms (including Stratus and Sun servers). Network management and AIX System Administration were performed on IBM RS 6000 platforms and related applications.

Centers For Medicare & Medicaid (CMS)

Artisys participated in the design, development, configuration, installation, troubleshooting, analysis, and technical implementation of network and application infrastructures within a distributed processing environment for the CMS. Specifically, Artisys planned and designed the Tivoli Management Environment; installed and removed Tivoli enterprise server software; provided Tivoli framework policy; acted as Tivoli management agent for architecture and deployment issues; provided TMR interconnections, MDIST configuration and tuning, and RIM configuration and tuning; and defined Tivoli authorization and authentication through Tivoli administrators, roles, and policy regions.

Artisys provides support in the areas of network planning, design, development, implementations and upgrades of both current and future expansion initiatives for the prime contractor. Artisys performs the following tasks:

  • Initiate, update and monitor Change Order Requests
  • Evaluate network resources, services and capacities
  • Develop Telecommunications Service Requests to request Verizon provisioning services
  • Perform circuit provisioning and configuration changes during the network Maryland maintenance window which can be any time of the day and week
  • Update circuit provisioning databases and documentation
  • Implement performance improvement and traffic management configuration changes
  • Perform network hardware and software installation, moves, adds and changes
  • Perform testing and validation to verify that circuits are operating properly
  • Develop and update network designs, architectures, documentation, implementation plans and procedures
  • Develop and update network documentation consisting of diagrams, troubleshooting procedures and provisioning information
  • Develop network device configuration information and troubleshoot network devices consisting of ATM switches, routes, CSUs/DSUs, UPSs, network management systems, SONET multiplexers and other devices
  • Coordinate repair and resolve activities with carriers and other State of Maryland vendors
  • Test fiber optic cables
  • Research new equipment, protocols and network device capabilities